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I am a first year Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD Student at Purdue University, focusing on Signal Processing. I graduated from Oakland Universty in 2016 with a BSE in Computer Engineering. At Purdue, I am a fulltime TA for ECE-362 "Microprocessors" and I work as a research assistant in the Radio Navagation Lab under the direction of Dr. James Garrison. When I am not working on homework, TA, or Research, I can be found doing my favorite hobby, playing the pipe organ.

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Below are some highlights from my life and a small protforilo of projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Updates, Twitter, Notible Events, Etc.

  • 11/28/15, The ARES lab's Loon Copter has gone semi-viral on YouTube and major news outlets!
  • 11/10/15, I have gained some 3D printing experience, I printed a lens holder for a Raspberry Pi camera. I used both Solidworks and Goole Sketchup, I like Solidworks a lot better! Pictures coming soon.
  • 11/5/15, Applied for the 2015 NASA NSTRF (NASA Space Techology Research Fellowship).
  • 11/1/15, I created a CV, will add it soon.

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