Oakland University Bike Share Project

I started work on this project in the Summer of 2014. This project was started by a recently graduated grad student, and I was given the task of finishing it. I was given a breadboard with a assembled benchtop prototype and some semi-functioning source code. I analyzed the system and restructuerd the source code. I assisted in the maching of the lock fixture and box, soldered the PCBs and assembled 5 prototype bikes.


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Highlights of What I Learned

  • Microcontrollers

    I only had a basic understand of microcontrolers before starting this project and at the end of the Summer I had learned %85 of a Senior level microcontroller class. I obtained a HCS-12 textbook and taught myself the basics of the HCS-12, namely the archtecture, assembly language and interfacing with perpherials. I learned how to set-up and use the IRQ pin and EEPROM-Memory.

  • Metal Machine Shop Skills

    The Bikes lalalal